Space Planning:
Make the most of your space with our personalized solutions

Use space planning in your favor, make the most of your office.

Invest in a smart solution that will fit your needs for years to come.

Our belief is that any space should be utilized at its maximum capacity. More often than not, a specialized approach will allow you to access the full potential of your office so that you can make the most of your experience.

All our space planning solutions are personalized to your own specific set of needs. We will take into consideration all possible factors from structure to legal restrictions and any growth goals you have set for your business. We are committed to put together the most efficient and adaptable plan for you.

We will work closely with you in order to determine the strong and weak suits of your space. We aim to find the most suitable solution for your present needs as well as for your future ones and we assess your needs in terms of spatial usage, storage and employee interaction within the work environment.


We always aim to research and adapt to your business’ specific needs in order to provide you with the best results.


Our objective is to reflect your requirements in our design in such way that doesn’t only fit your brand but also improves the work environment quality.


We are keen on taking care of every detail along the way. Thus, our objective is to make sure that the road to our delivering your fit-out is a smooth as possible.


One of the most basic steps for us is taking the time to get to know you and your business and peaking your mind all the way during the concept formation period. Trial and error is fundamental to this process in order to uncover the ideal design for your new office space.

your future space:

We believe that visualizing is a key aspect of any architectural process. Confusion will never be an issue, we will provide you with more than just technical drawings. You’ll get to see your future space long before we even start building as our talented staff is always working on new 3d drawings for your project.

Space planning that fits your needs

Your workspace,
your call:

It’s not all conceptual. We ensure that detailing is always a priority when it comes to your office. We will embark together on our journey towards finding the best suited solutions.

the process:

Once a design in agreed upon, we make sure the whole process is thoroughly scheduled as that will ensure that the job will be done in a much more effective manner. We will prepare a complete drawing package including all necessary plans, technical details and elevations. as well as put together all the required documentation. This is fundamental so that the entire team can move along with the project in perfect sync.

Why choose 1722 Studio Lab?


Our portfolio speaks on our behalf. We have worked with various types of clients and have a perfect record of coming up with the right design for each of them.


Our policy dictates that we always deliver your project in a timely fashion and in budget. All of that while consistently paying attention to the quality of details.

Designing with passion

We put all of our creativity at your disposal. Your ideal workplace environment is our ultimate goal.


All of our architects and designers are fully invested in your projects.

Give your office space a chance!

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