• Client
  • SIZE
    5,000 SQM
  • Year
  • Building Name
    Banloc-Goodrich Palace
  • Location
    Bucharest, Romania
  • Industry
  • The aim of this museum is to present and promote the history, culture, traditions and non-discrimination of the Jewish communities in Romania, as well as to protect the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. In order to serve this destination, the building known as the Banloc-Goodrich Palace was allocated to the 'Elie Wiesel' Institute. The proposed concept involves going through the exhibition by taking into account the development of certain historical events which were significant for the Jewish people in Romania. Being presented in chronological order, the information will be easily assimilated by visitors. The exhibition will include artifacts and images, recreated scenes, testimonies of survivors, movies and will use the latest interactive audio-video technologies. Artistic and sculptural installations will also be important pieces of the exhibition offering an innovative way of presenting history as it happened.
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