Astounding office concepts that will change your work experience

Our company is specialized in wide-ranging office refurbishments. The key to our designs lays in our ability to adapt to our clients’ specific needs and ultimately put together a comprehensive concept. After reviewing your current space and how your staff interacts with it we’ll be able to deliver an inspiring solution and further on implement it with minimal business disruption. We’ll deliver the ideal office space for your business and help you appeal to the best candidates there are.

Developing a business, while being an ideal goal, can often be resource and time consuming. In certain cases, it can even lead to a step back for your business if done hastily. Our job is to make sure you take all the strategical steps in order to move your business to the next stage.

Designing your office will allow you to make the exciting changes you may have always dreamt of. We can help you press the refresh button and invigorate your identity on the market as well as radically improve your work environment. This can impact your employees’ morale, team work skills, productivity and will also turn you into a sought-after employer by targeted practitioners.

Our team will guide you through the entire process in order to give you the most positive outcome possible. We will make sure to develop a brief and a design custom made to your needs and then deliver it in a timely fashion.

Why choose 1722 Studio Lab?


Our portfolio speaks on our behalf. We have worked with various types of clients and have a perfect record of coming up with the right design for each of them.


Our policy dictates that we always deliver your project in a timely fashion and in budget. All of that while consistently paying attention to the quality of details.

Designing with passion

We put all of our creativity at your disposal. Your ideal workplace environment is our ultimate goal.


All of our architects and designers are fully invested in your projects.